Tubular continuous dryer

Tubular continuous dryer

Tubular continuous dryer has been proved by practice to be the ideal equipment for the drying process of light calcium carbonate.
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CZGL drum tube type continuous dryer
(Heat conduction oil, steam indirect heating type)
The CZGL series drum tube dryer designed and produced by our company is an energy-saving and efficient indirect heating continuous dryer, suitable for drying powder and granular materials that require controllable drying temperature and large drying output. It is widely used in chemical, In mining, metallurgy, grain, feed and other industries, Tubular continuous dryer has been proved by practice to be the ideal equipment for the drying process of light calcium carbonate.
Tubular continuous dryer Typical materials
Light calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, silicon powder, aluminum hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate powder and other inorganic substances.
Tubular continuous dryer equipment structure
The drum tube dryer is mainly composed of a cylinder, an inner heating tube bundle, an outer heating tube, a rolling ring, a supporting wheel, a retaining wheel, a transmission mechanism, a high-temperature ball valve and other parts. It passes through 180℃-300 in the inner and outer heating tubes. ℃ high temperature heat transfer oil, the main body is slightly inclined and can rotate.
Tubular continuous dryer working principle
The high-temperature heat transfer oil heated by the organic heat carrier boiler is fed into the dryer through the rotary joint. After the heat transfer oil enters the dryer, it fully conducts with the material indirectly through the outer wall of the cylinder and the inner heating pipe, which speeds up the heat and mass transfer of the drying. The wet material enters the space between the dryer cylinder and the heating pipe from the higher end. The material moves to the tail under the rotation of the inclined cylinder. During the movement, the material is subjected to the uniformly distributed copy board and heating pipe in the cylinder. The tubes are continuously turned, distributed and dispersed evenly in the dryer, and continuously scattered on the tube bundle, and are gradually heated and dried, and the dried finished materials are uniformly discharged from the discharge port at the tail of the dryer.
The heat transfer area is large, the thermal efficiency is high, and the thermal efficiency is above 90%; the material drying consumes less energy and the cost is low; the production capacity is large; the temperature is controllable, the adaptability to the material characteristics is strong, and the material drying uniformity is good; the fluid passes through the cylinder The resistance is small and the power consumption is low; the internal pipelines are mostly high-quality boiler tubes to ensure the service life of the equipment. Special alloy materials are selected for transmission parts and important positions, which have high strength, wear resistance, long service life, simple equipment maintenance and low maintenance costs.
Power and Transmission System
The power of the dryer is provided by a frequency-modulated motor, which is driven by the chain to rotate the cylinder after deceleration by the reducer. The frequency conversion control cabinet can provide local/remote switch and remote speed control interface, which is convenient for remote control.
Dust removal device
The exhaust gas generated during the drying process is emptied by the induced draft fan through the wet dust collector (water film + spray two-stage) dust reduction treatment, and the dust removal efficiency of the dust removal system is not less than 85%. While ensuring clean production, the materials scattered during the drying process are also recovered.
Supporting heating oil furnace
The dryer needs to be equipped with a 1.2-1.6MW organic heat carrier heating boiler. The heat transfer oil is circulated by a hot oil pump in the closed system formed between the heating furnace and the dryer, and enters the dryer through a rotary joint.
Dry coal consumption
It has been proved by many users that the coal consumption per ton of calcium drying is no more than 90 kilograms, and some production enterprises have reached 80 kilograms or less.
Technical parameters (take dry light calcium carbonate as an example, at sink 2.8, filter cake water content 30%, finished product water content ≤0.30%, heat transfer oil parameter p=0.4MPa, t=280℃-300℃)
Main structure diagram of CZGL drum tube dryer
1-Speed regulating motor-reducer; 2-Inlet valve; 3-Front end cover, feeding port; 4. Transmission chain; 5-Front rolling ring; 6-Exhaust valve;7-external heating pipe; 8-rear rolling ring; 9-rear end cover; 10-oil valve; 11-discharge port; 12-oil valve; 13-support roller, base
Tubular continuous dryer
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