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The double-blade dryer is composed of a jacketed shell, a double screw drying conveying shaft, a driving mechanism, a top cover, and a moisture exhaust system. Heating medium is passed into the jacket of the shell and the drying conveying shaft. The wet material is fed into the dryer from the feeding port provided on the top cover of the dryer, and is continuously rolled forward under the push of the rotating drying conveying shaft. The material is heated during the movement, and the heat and mass transfer are carried out to complete the drying operation. Determine the drying area according to the output, initial and final moisture content of the material to be dried. The internal heating double spiral dryer works horizontally. After drying, it is discharged from the bottom outlet at the other end of the dryer and the conveying process is completed at the same time. The entire drying process is airtight, and the water vapor released from the material is directly discharged from the exhaust pipe on the top of the dryer. The main component of the tail gas is water vapor, and the gas velocity is low, and there is no entrainment by the dried product.
1. The typical heat conduction drying method has high thermal efficiency and can save energy by more than 30-60% compared with ordinary convection drying.
2. The heating medium is introduced into the stirring blade, and the heat transfer area per unit volume is larger than that of the general indirect heat transfer dryer.
3. The opposite movement makes the leaf surface have a special self-cleaning effect, and the heating surface is constantly updated.
4. The air flow is small, the amount of dust entrainment is small, and the exhaust gas treatment is easy.
5. The storage of materials is high, the equipment is compact, the volume is small, and the floor space is small.
6. Combine with other drying methods to form an efficient complete set of drying equipment to obtain better economic and technical indicators.
7. It can be operated under vacuum and the solvent can be recovered.

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