Structure of Calcium carbonate special dryer

Structure of Calcium carbonate special dryer

2022-09-26 13:41

Calcium carbonate special dryer is widely used, and it has been used in pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields.
Structure of Calcium carbonate special dryer:

Calcium carbonate special dryer

(1) Single-stage Calcium carbonate special dryer: The material to be dried is evenly distributed to the conveyor belt from the feeding end through the feeding device. The conveyor belt is usually made of perforated stainless steel sheet, driven by a motor through a gearbox, and can adjust the speed. The inside of the drying cabinet is usually divided into several units in order to independently control the operating parameters and optimize the operation. There is an isolation section between the drying sections, where no drying medium circulates.

(2) Multi-stage Calcium carbonate special dryer: Multi-stage belt dryer is essentially composed of several single-stage belt dryers in series, and its operating principle is the same as that of single-stage belt dryers.

(3) Multi-layer Calcium carbonate special dryer: The multi-layer belt dryer is often used in occasions where the drying speed is required to be low, the drying time is long, and the process operating conditions can be kept constant throughout the drying process. A partition is set between the layers to organize the directional flow of the drying medium and make the material dry evenly. The multi-layer belt dryer occupies less space and has a simple structure, and is widely used for drying grain materials. However, due to the multiple loading and unloading operations, it is not suitable for drying and sticking conveyor belts and materials that are not allowed to be broken.

(4) Impact-type Calcium carbonate special dryer: The impact-type belt dryer is suitable for drying fabrics, tobacco leaves, surface coatings of substrates and other flake materials. The impact belt conveyor usually consists of two conveyor belts. The impact belt conveyor can be divided into unit sections for independent control. After the drying medium is humidified, part of it is discharged, and the other part is returned to be mixed with fresh drying medium and then circulated.

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