What is quality OSLO evaporation crystallizer?

What is quality OSLO evaporation crystallizer?

2021-05-08 10:16

OSLO evaporation crystallizer is also called Oslo crystallizer, Krystal crystallizer or particle size classification crystallizer. It is mainly divided into two categories: evaporative OSLO crystallizer and cooled OSLO crystallizer. It is widely used in food, medicine, and chemical industries for crystal size requirements. The crystallization of high material crystals.

quality OSLO evaporation crystallizer

OSLO evaporation crystallizer is a heater that heats the circulating material and enters the vacuum evaporation separation chamber to evaporate to achieve supersaturation. The crystal liquid enters the suspended bed through a vertical pipe in the evaporation separation chamber to allow crystals to grow; cooler of the cooling OSLO crystallizer The saturated material liquid is cooled by the cooler to reach the supersaturation degree, and then enters the suspended bed through the vertical pipe to make the crystal grow.

OSLO evaporation crystallizer has a special structure. The larger particles first contact the supersaturated solution to grow crystals first, followed by the smaller crystal solution. Therefore, the crystals produced by OSLO evaporation crystallizer have the advantages of large volume, uniform particles, large production capacity, continuous operation and low labor intensity.

OSLO evaporation crystallizer is mainly composed of heat exchanger, crystallization separation chamber, condenser, circulating pipe, circulating pump, crystal slurry pump, vacuum pump, control system, etc.; according to the difference of material concentration and production capacity, it can be divided into one effect, Two-effect and three-effect evaporation crystallizer.

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