What is DTB evaporation crystallizer?

What is DTB evaporation crystallizer?

2021-04-29 16:02

DTB evaporation crystallizer is a typical crystal slurry internal circulation crystallizer. Because the inner guide tube is set in the crystallizer, a circulation channel is formed, so that the crystal slurry has good mixing conditions, and the supersaturation can be quickly eliminated in the evaporative crystallization, and the supersaturation of the solution can be kept at a relatively low level.

quality DTB evaporation crystallizer

During the crystallization process of DTB evaporation crystallizer, the supersaturation of the solution, the uniformity of the temperature of the material, the stirring speed and the cooling area are the decisive factors that affect the crystal grain size and appearance of the product. The DTB crystallizer adopts a special stirring blade, and the temperature and speed of the stirring blade are adjustable to realize the self-control of the system to meet the requirements of crystallization of various materials.

It is especially suitable for products with steep solubility curves. DTB evaporation crystallizer has good performance, high production intensity, can produce larger grains, and it is not easy to scar in the crystallizer. It has become one of the main forms of continuous crystallizer.

DTB evaporation crystallizer performance characteristics: high production intensity, large crystal particles, stable performance.

The scope of application of DTB evaporation crystallizer: suitable for the production of materials with large crystal grain size and high production intensity.

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