Daily maintenance of Disc continuous dryer

Daily maintenance of Disc continuous dryer

2021-06-18 16:28

Disc continuous dryer is a continuous drive drying equipment. In the whole process, the material is added quantitatively and continuously by the feeder, and after drying, it is continuously discharged from the discharge port.

Disc continuous dryer

Maintaining the Disc continuous dryer can prolong the service life of the machine and maintain good working efficiency. Let me introduce the daily maintenance of the Disc continuous dryer.

①Before running the Disc continuous dryer in each shift, check the valve pipeline and there is no leakage;
② All rotating friction parts should be regularly lubricated;
②Check whether the grounding wire of each fan and electric control box power supply is reliable;
③Check whether the instructions of each instrument are normal, and regularly check by the metrology department;
④Check the Disc continuous dryer body for vibration, cracks, damage, and corrosion;
⑤Test whether each motor is working normally and maintain it regularly;
⑥Check whether the parts and fastening parts of the Disc continuous dryer are loose, whether there is any abnormal sound, and remove the fault in time;
⑦Check the V-belt, chain and other transmission mechanisms for deformation, slackness and wear, and adjust the tightness of the chain in time.

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