Vibrating fluidized bed

Vibrating fluidized bed dryer, referred to as vibrating fluidized bed, is a new type of fluidized high-efficiency drying equipment suitable for drying granular and powdery materials.
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Vibrating fluidized bed dryer, referred to as vibrating fluidized bed, is a new type of fluidized high-efficiency drying equipment suitable for drying granular and powdery materials. It has the advantages of easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection. Vibrating fluidized bed is a new type of equipment that has been gradually developed and expanded in the past ten years, and it is increasingly becoming the main type of drying equipment. Vibrating fluidized bed is a new type of drying device that applies specific required vibration sources to ordinary fluidized bed dryers. This vibration source can be divided into motor method, electromagnetic induction method, crankshaft or eccentric wheel method, pneumatic or hydraulic method, etc. according to its excitation method.
working principle  
The vibrating fluidized bed dryer is a drying process that uses the principle of solid fluidization and is suitable for drying materials with certain loose characteristics.
The vibrating fluidized bed dryer is thrown by the vibration motor to generate the exciting force, so that the material jumps forward on the air distribution plate under the action of the excitation force in the given direction, and at the same time, it contacts with the hot air sent under the distribution plate to conduct heat and quality. transfer. The lower box provides a stable air chamber with a certain pressure for the bed. Adjust the induced draft fan so that the upper part of the bed material in the upper box body maintains a slight negative pressure, maintains a good dry environment and prevents dust leakage. The air distribution plate supports the material and distributes the hot air evenly, so as to achieve the desired effect.
The vibrating fluidized bed dryer imposes vibration on the ordinary fluidized bed drying, and adjusts the vibration parameters to make the material move forward in the form of plug flow, avoiding the phenomenon of agglomeration.
1. The fluidized state has a low velocity, and the fluidized state phenomenon appears early. The bottom particle material is fluidized first, which is beneficial to eliminate the wall effect and improve the quality of the fluidized state.
2. Increase the thickness of the material layer to obtain higher thermal efficiency. The air consumption is low and the dust removal load is small.
3. It can dry materials with a wide particle size distribution, and the residence time is relatively uniform;
4. The bed structure is improved, the transfer coefficient is increased, the phase boundary area is increased, and the turbulence of the boundary layer is increased, and the drying process is strengthened.
5. The problem of initial channeling in the fluidized state is reduced, the operation stability is good, and the operation airflow and bed pressure drop are low.
6. The equipment structure is simple, the capital construction cost is low, and it is easy to manufacture and maintain.
7. Adopting a closed structure, the transmission machinery does not touch the materials, no impurities are mixed in, and the working environment is clean.
Vibrating fluidized bed

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