Product advantages of Forced circulation evaporator factory

Product advantages of Forced circulation evaporator factory

2023-03-09 11:10

Forced circulation evaporator factory introduces you the advantages of MVR forced circulation evaporator equipment:

1. It has a wide range of applications, mainly suitable for materials that are prone to fouling during the evaporation process, materials that have crystal folds during the evaporation process, materials that increase in viscosity with the increase of concentration, materials that are insoluble solids, etc.;

2. During the evaporation process, the material is heated by forced circulation, the flow speed in the pipeline is fast, (the flow rate is 1.0-2.0 M/s), the heating is uniform, the number of heat transfer systems is large, and dry wall phenomenon can be prevented;

Forced circulation evaporator factory

3. The feed liquid is rapidly heated by the heater through forced circulation, comes out from the top and enters the evaporative separator tangentially, which has a good vapor-liquid separation effect;

4. The material is concentrated by vacuum low-temperature evaporation, the heating and evaporation time is short, and the feeding and discharging are continuous;

5. Compact structure, small footprint, smooth layout, convenient operation, stable performance, etc.;

6. It can be controlled automatically or manually, with fast start-up and flexible operation mode switching.

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