What are the characteristics of Continuous disc dryer for battery materials

What are the characteristics of Continuous disc dryer for battery materials

2022-11-18 17:22

Do you understand the characteristics of Continuous disc dryer for battery materials? Below, we will briefly summarize the characteristics of the Continuous disc dryer for battery materials for you. Hope to take you to know more about the disc dryer.

Continuous disc dryer for battery materials
Easy to control and strong applicability
1. The drying process can be optimized by adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the rotating speed of the main shaft, the number of rake arms, the type and size of the rake blades.
2. Each layer of drying tray can be fed with hot medium or cold medium separately to heat or cool the material, and the temperature control of the material is accurate and easy.
3. The residence time of materials can be adjusted.
4. The material flows in a single direction, no back-mixing phenomenon, uniform drying, stable quality, and no need to mix again.
Simple and easy to operate
1. The operation of driving and parking the dryer is very simple.
2. After the feeding is stopped, the rake leaves can quickly empty the material in the dryer after conveying the material.
3. Through the special large-scale inspection door's sight glass. The inside of the equipment can be cleaned and observed very carefully.
Low energy consumption
1. The material layer is very thin, the spindle speed is low, the power required by the material conveying system is small, and the power consumption is low.
2. Drying with conduction heat, high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.
The operating environment is good, the solvent can be recycled, and the dust emission meets the requirements
1. The normal pressure type is due to the low air velocity in the equipment and the humidity distribution in the equipment is up high and down low. It is difficult for dust to float to the top of the equipment, so there is almost no dust in the exhaust gas discharged from the top humidity outlet.
2. Airtight type: Equipped with a solvent recovery device, which can easily recover the organic solvent in the moisture-carrying gas. The solvent recovery device is simple and the recovery rate is high. For flammable, explosive, toxic and easily oxidized materials, nitrogen can be used as a moisture-carrying gas for closed-circuit circulation. make it safe to operate. It is especially suitable for drying flammable, explosive and toxic materials.
3. Vacuum type: the disc dryer operates under vacuum, especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.
Easy installation, small footprint
1. The dryer is delivered as a whole and transported as a whole. It is very easy to install and locate just by hoisting it in place.
2. Due to the continuous disc dryer for battery materials disc layer arrangement and vertical installation, even if the drying area is large. The footprint is also small.

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