Vibrating fluidized bed performance characteristics and maintenance requirements

Vibrating fluidized bed performance characteristics and maintenance requirements

2021-05-25 11:36

What kind of drying equipment is the Vibrating fluidized bed? Vibrating fluidized bed is an enhanced drying device suitable for drying granular materials, and it is usually used for final drying of materials. Because the mechanical vibration helps the material fluidize during the drying process, it not only facilitates the boundary layer turbulence, strengthens the heat and mass transfer, but also ensures that the dryer works under relatively stable flow conditions. In addition to the good drying function of the Vibrating fluidized bed, it can also be accompanied by material granulation, cooling, screening and conveying processes according to the Vibrating fluidized bed process. At present, it is widely used in industries such as sugar, medicine, fertilizer, chemical industry, plastics, dairy products, salt industry, and mining and metallurgy.

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Performance characteristics of Vibrating fluidized bed:

1. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

2. Convenient operation and stable operation.

3. The gas-solid two-phase contact is even, the relative speed is large, the heat transfer speed is fast, and the thermal efficiency is high.

4. There are no rotating or vibrating parts, and the equipment maintenance cost is low.

5. For heat-sensitive materials, a lower temperature can be used for drying, and the particles will not be destroyed.

When performing regular maintenance on the Vibrating fluidized bed, the following two requirements must be met:

① Periodic maintenance can only be used when the failure occurs with time. If the failure occurs randomly and is not controlled by time at all, even if the regular maintenance is used, no specific maintenance cycle can be found.

②During the service life of the double-mass Vibrating fluidized bed, the specific time of the next failure can be accurately estimated through the law of wear and tear. Only with this ability can we reasonably use the regular maintenance method.

Whether regular maintenance can achieve the expected effect and how much effect can be achieved, depends entirely on how much you know about the wear and tear of the Vibrating fluidized bed. If repairs are performed before the time the failure occurs, the workload of the equipment will be reduced. If repairs are performed after the failure occurs, the workload of the equipment will be delayed.

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