Structural Characteristics of Multi-effect Wastewater Evaporation System

Structural Characteristics of Multi-effect Wastewater Evaporation System

2022-07-21 16:37

Structural features of Multi-effect wastewater evaporation:

1. This equipment consists of heater, evaporator, condenser, water collecting tank, defoamer, transfer pump, drainage pump and other parts.

Multi-effect Wastewater Evaporation

2. The equipment is made of anti-corrosion materials according to the characteristics of wastewater or sewage.

3. The wastewater can meet the standard at one time or be used as a pretreatment measure for the subsequent process, and some wastewater can be reused after evaporation, saving the cost of tap water.

4. The use of vacuum decompression operation increases the temperature difference of evaporation and improves the production capacity of evaporation intensity.

5. Using multi-effect evaporation, the secondary and tertiary steam can be reused, the energy saving effect is remarkable, the operation is convenient and the installation is simple.

6. The structure is compact, the site area is small, and the configuration of each instrument valve is reasonable and convenient to operate.

Features of Multi-effect wastewater evaporation:

Multi-effect wastewater evaporation adopts the working principle of tube-type circulation external heating, the material heating time is short, the evaporation speed is fast, the concentration ratio is large, and the original effect of the material is effectively maintained.
The energy-saving effect is remarkable, saving 30% of steam compared with the single-effect evaporator. The material is evaporated and concentrated in the closed system, and the environment is clean and comfortable; and the unique defoaming device of the system equipment prevents the phenomenon of material running.
All parts in contact with materials are made of imported stainless steel and polished. It can be equipped with a microcomputer control system, which is easier to use and more stable in effect.

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