The working principle of quality Forced circulation evaporator

The working principle of quality Forced circulation evaporator

2022-06-30 14:31

The quality Forced circulation evaporator consists of evaporation separation chamber and heat exchange chamber evaporation separation chamber. Forced circulation evaporators increase the flow rate of the solution by circulating the liquid with an external circulation pump.

quality Forced circulation evaporator

quality Forced circulation evaporator heating chamber has vertical and horizontal structure, and the circulation efficiency of liquid flow is adjusted by pump. The heating pipe can be vertical one-way two-way, horizontal one-way two-way, the latter two will reduce the total height of the equipment, but the pipe cleaning is not easy, and the pipe wall is easy to wear.

Due to the difference in the inlet and outlet positions of the circulating liquid in the separation chamber of the quality Forced circulation evaporator, it is divided into a positive forced circulation evaporator and a reverse forced circulation evaporator. The inlet of the circulating feed liquid at the upper part of the outlet can be called positive circulation and reverse circulation.

The reverse cycle quality Forced circulation evaporator has more advantages. There is a high-efficiency mist eliminator at the top of the separation chamber, which is used to separate the liquid and liquid droplets entrained in the outlet steam, which can improve the product quality and reduce the entrainment loss.

The importance of increasing the circulation rate is not only to increase the boiling heat transfer coefficient, but also to reduce the one-way evaporation rate. In the case of the same evaporation (unit, time, evaporation of the internal solvent), the higher the circulation speed, the more liquid passing through the heating tube per unit time, and the lower the evaporation rate (evaporation rate) of the solution passing through the heating tube. . This can reduce the local concentration increase of the solution around the heating surface and slow down the fouling of the heating surface. The higher the concentration, the greater the circulation rate needed to reduce fouling. The circulation speed can reach 1.5~3m/s.

The quality Forced circulation evaporator is the product of the combination of the industrial evaporation process and the forced circulation process, which can realize continuous crystallization without supplementary steam, and realize the continuous evaporation of thermal energy cycle.

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