What are the composition characteristics of Forced circulation evaporator products

What are the composition characteristics of Forced circulation evaporator products

2022-06-22 14:30

Forced circulation evaporator products consist of various effect cylinders, heaters, various effect evaporative separators, condensers, various effect forced circulation pumps, various material and liquid conveying pumps, vacuum pumps, condensate pumps, operating platforms, electrical instrumentation control cabinets and internal Pipeline valves, etc.

Forced circulation evaporator products

Product features of Forced circulation evaporator products:

1. Forced circulation evaporator products can adapt to a wide range of material characteristics relative to the processing. Among them, it is mainly aimed at the materials that are easy to scale during the evaporation process, the materials with crystal precipitation during the evaporation process, the materials whose viscosity increases correspondingly with the increase of the concentration concentration, and the materials with insoluble solids, etc.

2. During the evaporation process, the material is heated through the action of the external power forced circulation pump, so that the material liquid is forced to circulate in the evaporator, and the flow speed in the tube is fast, the heating is uniform, the heat transfer coefficient is high, and the dry wall phenomenon can be prevented.

3. The feed liquid is quickly heated by the heater through the forced circulation pump, and the top is directly tangentially entered into the evaporative separator, and the effect of vapor-liquid separation is good.

4. The material is evaporated and concentrated through the equipment, and the vacuum is evaporated and concentrated at a low temperature. With continuous feeding and discharging, the heating and evaporation time is short, which is suitable for the heat-sensitive evaporation and concentration of food sauce materials.

5. Forced circulation evaporator products have compact structure, small footprint, smooth layout, convenient operation and stable performance.

6. Forced circulation evaporator products can be equipped with an automatic system to realize automatic twisting of the feeding amount, automatic control of heating temperature, automatic control of discharge concentration, and can also be equipped with protection measures for sensitive materials in case of sudden power failure and failure, and other safety, Automatic operation and control such as alarm.

Forced circulation evaporator products are suitable for the concentration and crystallization of crystalline or sauce materials with poor fluidity and materials with strong scaling (such as sodium chloride crystals, ammonium sulfate crystals, barium chloride crystals).

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