How to clean the tube scale of the tubular Falling film evaporator

How to clean the tube scale of the tubular Falling film evaporator

2022-05-10 17:12

Falling film evaporator has the advantages of high heat transfer coefficient and small heat transfer temperature difference, and is widely used in chemical, energy and other fields. However, the common fouling and scaling problems of falling film evaporators lead to their low heat exchange efficiency and affect their use. How does the tubular Falling film evaporator clean the tube scale?

Falling film evaporator

Tubular Falling film evaporator has a wide range of applications and can be used in food, chemical, seawater desalination, papermaking and other industries. At the same time, the tubular falling film evaporator also has the following advantages: simple structure, low investment, high heat transfer efficiency, easy cleaning of the heating surface, low power consumption, high liquid concentration, high operating flexibility, firm structure, Easy maintenance, long service life, not easy to scale and so on.

Next, let's look at the composition of the tubular Falling film evaporator. It has a relatively simple structure and consists of a heating evaporation chamber, a distribution plate, a gas-liquid separation chamber, a mist eliminator, and a circulation pipe.

The heating chamber of the tubular Falling film evaporator consists of a body, an upper tube plate, a separator, a lower tube plate and a heating tube. The outer shell is designed according to the working pressure and pressure vessel or atmospheric pressure vessel, and the reinforcement structure is set in consideration of the stability when subjected to external pressure in a vacuum state.

The tubular Falling film evaporator retains the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, long operating cycle and large operating flexibility, and solves the shortcomings of other falling film evaporators such as low pressure resistance, easy rupture and difficult maintenance.

With the continuous extension of production time, it is not difficult to imagine that the evaporator will inevitably produce scaling or even coking. Considering the different properties of materials, the evaporation concentration will be different accordingly, and the final scale and coking degree will also be different.

Therefore, after the Falling film evaporator has been working for a period of time, it must be stopped for cleaning. And when cleaning, it should be carried out in different ways, as follows:
The distribution plate scale is easy to clean. The liquid distribution tray of the tubular Falling film evaporator is an open structure, so when cleaning, the operator can enter through the manhole and then clean it.
The second is to clean up the heating surface structure. Relatively speaking, the cleaning work of the tubular falling film evaporator is relatively simple and easy to operate, and the staff can enter the evaporator through the upper and lower holes. The evaporator tube box has a large operating space, and each heating tube can be cleaned by opening the liquid pan.

The fouling of tubular Falling film evaporator is a problem that many people are very concerned about. For all forms of evaporators, fouling is inevitable, but the fouling rate is fast or slow. Knowing how to clean the fouling of the tubular falling film evaporator will help the stable operation of the evaporator later.

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