Equipment characteristics of Calcium carbonate special dryer

Equipment characteristics of Calcium carbonate special dryer

2022-03-22 15:42

The hot air of the Calcium carbonate special dryer enters the stirring, pulverizing and drying chamber from the bottom of the dryer at a suitable jetting speed from the inlet pipe, which produces strong shearing, blowing, and rotating effects on the material, so the material is subjected to centrifugation, shearing, collision and friction. And the divided number is micronized, which strengthens the mass transfer and heat transfer. At the bottom of the dryer, the larger and wetter pellets are mechanically broken by the agitator, and the pellets with lower moisture content and smaller particle size are entrained by the rotating airflow to rise, and are further dried during the rising process. Because the gas-solid two phases are rotating, the inertia of the solid phase is greater than that of the gas phase, and the relative velocity between the two phases of the solid and gas is relatively large, which strengthens the mass transfer and heat transfer between the two phases, so the machine has high production strength.

Calcium carbonate special dryer

Features of Calcium carbonate special dryer:
● A variety of feeding devices are available for selection, the feeding is continuous and stable, and there is no bridging phenomenon in the process.
● A special cooling device is installed at the bottom of the Calcium carbonate special dryer to avoid material deterioration in the high temperature zone at the bottom.
● Special air pressure sealing device and bearing cooling device can effectively prolong the service life of the transmission part.
● The special air distribution device reduces the resistance of the equipment and effectively provides the air volume of the dryer.
● The drying chamber is equipped with a grading ring and a swirl sheet, and the material fineness and final moisture can be adjusted. (For example, the final moisture content of calcium carbonate can be adjusted to ≤0.1%)
● Compared with other drying methods, it can effectively increase the specific gravity of the material.
● Calcium carbonate special dryer has high circumferential gas velocity and short material residence time in the drying chamber, which can effectively prevent material from sticking to the wall and deterioration of heat-sensitive material, and achieve high efficiency, rapidity, small equipment and large-scale production.

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