Precautions for quality Falling film evaporator trial operation

Precautions for quality Falling film evaporator trial operation

2021-10-27 10:03

The test run before the operation of the quality Falling film evaporator is one of the most critical stages. The normal operation of the test run is immediately related to the success of the complete set of machinery and equipment, and also to the quality of the products produced by the complete set of falling film evaporators. Therefore, we must grasp the precautions for the test run of the falling film evaporator.

Falling film evaporator
Today, I deliberately summarized the precautions for the falling film evaporator test run. Look at it.
The quality Falling film evaporator test run precautions have the following four points:
1. Matters needing attention when installing falling film evaporator
When installing the quality Falling film evaporator, make sure that the falling film tube is vertical to the plane, otherwise it will cause drift, and the liquid material around the falling film tube must not completely flow down, causing slagging in the radiator tube. The machinery manufacturing industry requires that after the assembly process, the limit error of the cylinder level of each effect of the air-conditioning evaporator should not exceed 2%, and the limit error of the centerline parallelism of the evaporator should not exceed 2%.
2. Matters needing attention before operation of falling film evaporator
1. Before driving, open the cylinder main supply gate valve to check whether the working pressure of the steam supply meets the specified working pressure; open the sub-cylinder condensate purge valve to remove any cold doubts.
2. Check whether the power switch of a gate valve is proper.
3. The machinery and equipment must be cleaned before feeding. If there are dirt and other wastes after cleaning, they need to be rewashed until they are free of dirt. The secondary feeding amount should be 10% larger than the specified feeding amount, and then adjust slowly according to the feeding level.
4. Before feeding, the equipment should be cleaned with strong acid and strong alkali cleaning liquid once, and all normal water tests should be more than 2 times before feeding and testing.
5. Turn on the sub-cylinder to drain the condensed water, and check whether the concentration value of the strong acid and strong alkali cleaning solution meets the 2% regulation. If it is too high or low, it must be adjusted.

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