The structure of Double paddle dryer

The structure of Double paddle dryer

2021-06-25 10:40

The structure of the Double paddle dryer is mainly composed of the transmission mechanism part, the box body part, the spindle stirring part, the bearing body part, the discharge regulating mechanism, and the rotary joint.

Double paddle dryer

Double paddle dryer power transmission part: mainly composed of electric motor, reducer, driving gear, driven gear, inter-shaft gears, etc. Its main function is to transmit the power of the motor to the agitating part of the spindle so that it can run within the rated speed range. Variable frequency speed regulation or electromagnetic speed regulation configuration can also be used for variable speed operation.

The mixing part of the main shaft of the Double paddle dryer is mainly composed of two hollow shafts and several wedge-shaped hollow blades on the surface. The hollow shaft has a built-in heating medium (steam) return pipe. The single-ended rotary joint is the interface for these media to enter and exit. The stirring part of the spindle stirs, pushes and heats the material during operation.

The bearing body of Double paddle dryer is located at the two ends of the main shaft, which is divided into the power end bearing body and the non-power end bearing body. Mainly consists of bearings, bearing seats, bearing caps, sealing packing, packing glands, inspection covers, etc.

Double paddle dryer discharge regulating mechanism is mainly composed of regulating plate, rotating shaft, positioning parts and so on.

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