The company abides by the people-oriented

The company abides by the people-oriented

2020-04-12 14:33
Hebei Chengze Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern process equipment manufacturing company integrating r&d, manufacturing, sales, installation and consulting services. Its main business is the design, production and engineering design of unit operating equipment. Company has a number of industry experts and senior professional and technical personnel, with hebei university of technology, tianjin university and tianjin university of science and technology for technical backing, is committed to drying, evaporation, crystallization, filtration, towers and other chemical unit operation equipment, complete sets of equipment and non-standard equipment research and development, design and manufacture, the product has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, feed, fertilizer, dyes, food and other industries, customers all over the country.
The company abides by the people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, customer first business philosophy. Technology innovation, constantly improve product quality, improve the project management personnel business, to become an excellent engineering company.
The company provides customers with good products, good after-sales service, to meet the needs of customers. Complete a lot of high-quality projects, also willing to become your most reliable partner.
There is no end to pursuit and no end to development. In recent years, the company has provided customers with engineering services such as general project contracting and complete equipment making with its innovative technical concept, advanced project management mechanism and honest service attitude, and has a large number of engineering achievements and professional core technologies.
Main products of the company:
Design of drying process and manufacture of drying equipment;
Design of evaporation process and manufacture of evaporation equipment;
Design of filtration process and manufacture of filtration equipment;
Technical strength of the company:
My company has strong technology development strength, have many years of experience in related engineering, especially in the design of the drying technology and drying equipment to make more wealth of experience, is suitable for thermal and flammable and explosive, and need to dry solvent recovery of materials, energy saving, environmental protection, the basic structure is complex, make difficult, low operation cost.

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